What is VILT?

Makers Cloud Learning

When was the las time you forgot how to perform a specific task in Excel, Word, PowerPoint or Outlook?

Employees are often left to themselves during the work day when the need arises, but this can be expensive due to both missing productivity and inefficient workflows. Now there is a new method to develop, update and maintain competencies in among other things Microsoft Office.

Forget e-learning

Cloud Learning gives you the same advantages as an ordinary classroom. Direct dialogue with questions, comments and answers between the instructor and participants. At the same time, we give you the freedom to choose time and place. You just need a browser and a headset and be ready by your computer when the session starts.

Every instruction takes place in a session lasting 1 hour with a maximum of 8 participants.

Please note! Every sessions is estimated to last up to 1 hour. The actual time can vary depending on the number of participants and their competencies. With less than 3 participants a session typically lasts 30-35 minutes. Our objective is that no session is more difficult, than that everyone achieve a high degree of learning. This will be perceived as easy by some, while others will be challenged. This is how it must be, when it is education, meant to hold everyone.

Forget the expensive on-site courses

Even if you only take the price into account, it is expensive to participate in ordinary courses, not to mention transportation, lost productivity and working hours.

With Cloud Learning you can choose what specific topics you want to participate in and with your log-in you can be in our virtual classroom in seconds, where the instructor is ready to teach you. In other words: no wasted time, no transport and no hotel costs – just education.